Dry Fruits

Assorted Dry Fruits
Assorted Dry Fruits to solapur
Price : Rs. 899.00

Present 500 gms assorted dry fruits on valentine day with lots of healthyness and richness of vitamins in it.

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Cashew Nuts
Seasonal Fruits Basket to solapur
Price : Rs. 849.00

400 gms of dry fruits which cahew nuts is best suited for every occasion to gift with lots of tastyness included in it.

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send Almonds to solapur
Price : Rs.849.00

Send this a pack of fresh 400 gms almonds to which are really good for health and too taste to someone you love.

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send Pistachio to solapur
Price : Rs.899.00

Green Pistachio of 400 gms, full with energy have a treasure of health inside it is best for any to make your festival memorable

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Raisins (Kismis)
send Kismis to solapur
Price :799.00

Send a pack of 400 gms raisins sweetmeat are full of sweetness and health available inside it to make your festival enjoyable.

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send Apricots to solapur
Price : Rs.849.00

Gift 400 gms fresh and healthy Apricots best dry fruits are rich in dietary fiber and beta-carotene etc.....

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Figs (Anjeer)
send Figs to solapur
Price : Rs.849.00

Send box of 400 gms anjeer dry fruit which is tasty and delicious to your whole family to make then happy and healthy.....

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send Khajur to solapur
Price : Rs.799.00

Send this Khajur of 400 gms dates are one of the very best sweet and protean foods that can regulate the digestive process a very healthy dose for entire family

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Assorted Kaju Sweets
send Classic Fruits Basket to solapur
Price : Rs.1199.00

Celebrate the festival and other occasion with sweet box of 1 Kg assorted cashew sweet which makes the festival memorable....

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A cane basket of Mix dryfruits.
send A cane basket of Mix dryfruits to solapur
Price : Rs.1299.00

Welcome your beloved one with cane basket filled with 500 gms mixed dry fruits assorted dry fruits like almonds, cashew, raisins, pistachios on valentine day.


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